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Low Rates and Quality Service Too

Waupun Utilities strives to offer water and electric rates that are not just competitive with neighboring communities - but that are affordable to our own community.

As a not-for-profit, community-owned utility, we're proud to provide quality service at a practical cost.

What is Wholesale Power?

Waupun Utilities purchases all the electricity needed for the community at a wholesale power rate. The electricity is purchased through Waupun Utilities power supplier, WPPI Energy. (Waupun Utilities is a co-owner of WPPI Energy.)

Some of the electricity is generated with renewable resources, but the majority is generated at power plants in and out of Wisconsin that use natural gas, coal, and nuclear resources. The power is then delivered to Waupun over a transmission system.

About 70–80% of a customer’s bill is to pay for wholesale power costs. Waupun Utilities power supplier, WPPI Energy, works hard to keep purchased power cost as low as possible, but many of the cost increases are beyond their control.