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Waupun offers a nostalgic, small town atmosphere conveniently located within one hour of Wisconsin’s major cities. Waupun is located 70 miles northwest of Milwaukee, 50 miles northeast of Madison, and 80 miles southwest of Green Bay. Waupun is conveniently served by four state highways – Hwy 26, Hwy 49, Hwy 68 and Hwy 151.

The City of Waupun has a population of 10,348, and is divided into two counties. Main Street separates the two counties, with Fond du Lac County to the north and Dodge County to the south. Waupun maintains eight city parks and offers access to the Fond du Lac County Park. Waupun is mainly a rural community, with some light industry. It houses three prison systems in the city limits.

Waupun’s educational system is progressive and growing. It houses district buildings for ages K - 2nd (Meadowview Primary), 3rd - 6th (Rock River Intermediate) and a state-of-the-art building for grades 7 - 12, which was completed in 2000. Along with the public school system, Waupun offers a K-12 Christian School, with an enrollment of 300 students.

Waupun, also known as the City of Sculpture, is home to seven original, bronze statues. Among them is James Earl Fraser’s famous “End of the Trail,” a national historic landmark representing the plight of the American Indian. Clarence Shaler commissioned Fraser to cast the statue in bronze as a gift to the City of Waupun. It took two years to complete, and was unveiled at its present site on June 23, 1929.

Clarence Shaler gave Waupun a timeless legacy. Shaler was an inventive genius, always looking for better ways to do things. He fostered a love for sculpture, and began sculpting his own heritage in bronze at age 70, further expressing a lifelong love of art. One by one, he donated pieces to the city of Waupun and other institutions with which he felt a personal connection. Today, Waupun has one of the highest concentrations of public art per capita in the United States, thanks to one remarkable pioneer and the rich cultural inheritance he left behind. For more information on Waupun’s statues, check out

Waupun is located on the edge of the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge.

Located southeast of Waupun, in both Dodge and Fond du Lac Counties, the Refuge (over 31,500 acres) offers an abundance of nature and beauty to local residents and tourists alike. The migration of Canadian geese during the fall months is of interest to all ages.

The Refuge offers a 30 mile Wild Goose State Bike Trail, Marsh Haven Nature Center, and abundant miles of walking and hiking trails.