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Responsible Appliance Disposal Offers Option to Remove Old Appliances

Waupun Utilities’ appliance recycling program has been recognized by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) Program for meeting the highest standards for disposal and recycling of appliances that contain harmful refrigerants.

We provide a Responsible Appliance Recycling Program through our power supplier, WPPI Energy. WPPI Energy’s member utilities have joined the EPA’s RAD Program, gaining recognition for the utilities’ longstanding efforts to recycle and responsibly dispose of appliances based on EPA standards.

“Older appliances are less efficient than newer models and consequently, more expensive to run. By partnering with the EPA, our customers now have a guarantee that old units are permanently removed, properly disposed of and not placed in a secondary market,” said Zak Bloom, General Manager.

Intended to help customers conserve energy, the utilities’ Responsible Appliance Recycling Program provides a value-added service to our customers who are concerned about their energy costs and usage. The program provides customers a way to responsibly reduce landfill use through the recycling of useful refrigerator and freezer parts and recovery of dangerous polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and ozone depleting substances.

Waupun Utilities is one of 21 other WPPI Energy Wisconsin member communities currently participating in the Responsible Appliance Recycling Program. As a program participant, Waupun Utilities’ customers are eligible to receive an incentive for their appliances based on participation guidelines. Appliances eligible for a turn-in incentive are refrigerators and freezers from 10 cu. ft. up to 27 cu. ft., dehumidifiers and room air conditioners that are in working order. The Appliance Recycling Centers of America, Inc. (ARCA) provides Waupun Utilities with appliance recycling services.

Responsible appliance recycling and disposal partners not only prevent the release of hazardous materials but save landfill space and energy by recycling durable materials. According to the EPA, RAD partners ensure that refrigerant is recovered and reclaimed or destroyed; insulation foam is recovered and destroyed, or the blowing agent is recovered and reclaimed; metals, plastics, and glass are recycled; and PCBs, mercury, and used oil are recovered and properly disposed.

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