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Summer Storm Info

When planning outdoor events, check the weather forecast to avoid getting caught in a storm. If threatening weather sets in such as darkening skies, thunderheads and increased winds, seek shelter in a building or an all-metal car.

If you are caught outside, DO NOT stand under a large tree, utility pole or any other tall object on the landscape. Avoid hilltops.

If you are on a level field far from shelter and feel your hair standing on end, lightning may be ready to strike you. Drop to your knees, bend forward and put your hands on your knees.† Do not lie flat on the ground.

At home, stay away from water.†Do not take a shower or bath. Unplug appliances. Use the telephone only in an emergency.


  • Report downed power lines to your electric company immediately at 324-7920.
  • Never let anyone touch or drive over a downed lineóeven experienced utility personnel canít tell if a line is energized just by looking at it.
  • Avoid touching anything a downed line is contacting, especially metal fences and equipment. Remember that the area around the downed line, including the soil, equipment or other objects, could also be energized.
  • If a downed line comes in contact with a vehicle, instruct the driver to stay in the vehicle until help arrives. If there is an immediate danger of a vehicle fire, the driver should jump out of the vehicle, landing with both feet together and avoiding touching both the car and the ground at the same time. The driver should then shuffle away from the vehicle without raising their feet.