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Leading by Example efforts earn recognition

For us, that meant taking steps such as:

  • Developing a policy to pursue energy efficiency;
  • Implementing efficiency measures in municipal buildings;
  • Installing a community-based renewable project;
  • and
  • Purchasing renewable energy to offset usage in municipal facilities.
  • For you, our customers, that could translate into steps such as:

    • Making a commitment to save energy and trim operating costs in the year ahead;
    • Requesting an energy audit and taking advantage of technical assistance from our staff to learn ways in which you could achieve those savings;
    • Taking simple steps that may qualify for energy-efficiency rebates and incentives;
    • Purchasing renewable energy to offset all or part of your monthly energy usage.
    • Together, we’ll continue to improve energy savings, preserve the environment and contribute to a sustainable energy future. For more information, please read more under the Home and Business sections of our web site or give us a call at 920-324-7920.