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Utilities Leads the Way in Dressing Up Waupun

The effort to create a more aesthetically pleasing downtown in Waupun began in 2000 with the installation of new streets, sidewalks and decorative lighting. In 2001 the Waupun Garden Club placed planters throughout the downtown district. Increased interest in creating a more aesthetically pleasing downtown has resulted in an even greater effort in 2003. Waupunís Historic City Hall is celebrating its 75th anniversary and efforts to restore this historic building to its original state are in progress. The Waupun Garden Club is planning on placing new and larger planters in wrought iron stands throughout the district. Mayor Bob Reinap appointed Alderman Rohn Bishop to the position of Business Ambassador to help facilitate positive changes for all business districts in the city.

On May 6, the Waupun Area Chamber of Commerce facilitated a meeting to discuss the purchase of banners for the city. Waupun Utilities donated $1000 for the purchase of avenue banners to spearhead the banner project. On learning of this donation, the BID Board indicated they would also provide some level of financial support for the banner project. The City of Waupun and Waupun Utilities are members of the Waupun Area Chamber of Commerce. Gary Rogers, City Administrator and Alderman Rohn Bishop are on the committee representing the city. Other members of the committee are Nancy Oosterhouse, from Waupun Utilities, Jan Harmsen owner of Janís Optical, Winkie Dobratz of VandeZande Real Estate, Steve Guth, owner of the End of the Trail Candy and Coffee Shoppe and Ginger Kieltyka, Executive Director of the Chamber.

The banner project will begin with the downtown district. A design and colors were selected at the meeting. A request for bids is being sent to three companies. Once the bids are received, they will be brought before the BID Board for consideration. The Banner Committee also discussed placing banners in other sections of the city and the rotation of varying banners for various seasons. These two topics will be revisited once the initial effort is complete.