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Stay Clear of the “Green Box”

If you’re thinking about planting trees, shrubs or even flowers around that green box on your property this spring, please think twice.

In neighborhoods where electricity is brought to the home using underground cable instead of overhead wires, that green box houses an electric transformer – a vital device in supplying power to your home.

A transformer changes electricity from high to low voltage. Electricity generated at power plants travels over transmission lines to utility substations at very high voltages. In order for your home to use electricity, it has to be at a lower voltage. So, transformers – located at your community’s substations and in your neighborhood’s green box – are the tools that change or “step down” electricity to lower levels for safe use in your home.

Our line crews need easy access to these transformer boxes to perform maintenance and repairs. If landscaping interferes with a technician’s ability to work, it will need to be removed. Make sure to plan accordingly before spending time and money to improve the aesthetics of the box. Also, think about your utility services when undertaking the following outdoor improvement projects:

  • Building a deck, patio or storage shed over underground service
  • Planting trees under overhead electric lines
  • Excavating for other plantings
And always remember to call Diggers Hotline before you dig at (800) 242-8511.