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Power Tower Installed at Washington Elementary School

A 43' pole was installed by utility crews and a one KWh wind turbine mounted on top will generate energy to power a pump for the school's pond.

A solar panel was installed in 2003, and the new wind turbine will provide an additional source of renewable energy. The project was made possible by a grant from Waupun's electric provider, Wisconsin Public Power Inc.

Students listen to Mr. Imhoff describe the wind turbine.

The 43' pole is set into place.

The blades on the turbine are attached to the pole. The turbine produces a peak power of one KWh. The turbine will power a one hp motor capable of pumping 3000 gallons of water per hour.

Project complete - come see the wind turbine at Washington Elementary School - it is visible from Shaler Drive and is located within the arboretum.