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Electric Crew Assists Stoughton Utilities in Restoring Power

Waupun Utilities sent three linemen to lend a hand in restoring power to over 2,500 customers affected by tornadoes in the Stoughton area.

Three linemen from the utilities left at 4 a.m. on Friday, August 19, to assist Stoughton Utilities after tornadoes devastated the area on Thursday evening. The main objective was to restore power to approximately 2,500 customers of Stoughton Utilities. The Stoughton service territory includes outlying rural area, where the brunt of the damage occurred.

Waupun Utilities’ linemen encountered debris and chaos as they worked steadily in the first 36 hours to restore power. Crews from ten utilities were on hand to assist Stoughton Utilities restore electric service. Clean up crews and homeowners were not allowed into the area until mid-day Saturday.

Lineman Steve Brooks was amazed at the overall destruction and astounded that there were not more injuries or deaths. Residents showed their gratitude and appreciation to the volunteers with tears and cheers of thanks.

Waupun’s crew worked 15 hour days, mainly working on replacing poles and installing wire through the rural area, before returning home Wednesday afternoon. They set approximately 30 replacement poles, and strung miles of wire. The working conditions included hot and humid weather, which added to the intensity of the long shifts.

A sense of satisfaction from being able to help another area recover from devastation gave the work in the Stoughton area a feeling of unity. Waupun received help from surrounding communities following the tornado in June 2004, and now it was our turn to provide another community with much needed assistance.

At right:
Utility trucks lined the streets in their efforts to rebuild electric lines that were stretched, broken or totally gone from the August 18 tornadoes in Stoughton.

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