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Home Office Tips

If you have a home office, here are some tips to help you stay comfortable, save energy and protect your equipment:

Beat the chill

If you’re home alone working in your office, instead of turning up the heat for your whole house, try a small electric space heater in your office, and keep the office door closed.

There are also newer under-desk radiant panels and foot warmers that use less energy than a space heater, but they may be harder to find. Check with local retailers or search the web.

For safety’s sake, make sure your heater is UL listed, keep it away from carpet, paper and other flammable surfaces, and turn it off when not in use.

Also, get up from your desk regularly, walk and stretch your muscles to keep the blood flowing and stay warmer.

Buy low-energy, recyclable computers

Put energy savings and sustainability on your shopping list. Buying a new computer? Make sure it’s ENERGY STAR-qualified for energy efficiency. Better yet, visit the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool web site. EPEAT-registered computers are not only ENERGY STAR-qualified for energy efficiency but also contain less toxics and are designed to be more easily recycled. Keep in mind that laptop computers use significantly less energy than desktop models.

Guard your investment

Protect your computer and other electronic equipment – and guard against data loss – with surge protection and uninterruptible power supply devices.