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Sun's Power Generates Clean Energy

Customers were able to watch progress of two solar arrays assembled during the month of August. The solar panels, which became operational late August, are mounted on poles and equipped with sunlight-tracking technology so they can move and tilt with the sun’s path across the sky, increasing the system’s efficiency by as much as 30%.

The installation will provide approximately 9,000 kWh of emissions-free electricity each year, or enough energy to power one average home or three energy-conscious homes.

It is the utilities' objective to be a model for cost-effective conservation initiatives and the efficient use of energy. The new solar installation demonstrates our commitment to the use of clean, renewable energy.

Solar Installation Photos

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Federal tax credits and utility incentives for the use of solar can help offset project costs for individuals and businesses. Solar technology is a good option for any individual or business interested in reducing their carbon footprint.

Electric customers interested in learning more about renewable energy projects should start by contacting our energy service representative, Eric Kostecki, at 324-7920.